Illustrated History of Rescue and EMS

Carl David Elliott

Relative to the rich and distant histories of its public safety sisters – law enforcement and the fire service, emergency medical services advanced dramatically in just a couple of decades.

The developments made are evident in all aspects of EMS – professionalism, training, standards of care, ambulance regulations, communications and treatment protocols and procedures.

As EMS sees the potential to evolve from “pre-hospital medicine” to out-of-hospital medicine, the question as to whether EMS should be categorized as Public Safety or Public Health is frequently revisited. Complicating this question is the myriad of services that provide EMS and Rescue. There are fire departments, police departments, hospitals, private corporations, volunteer community squads and city or county governments that either have or do provide some aspect of EMS or Rescue.

No matter how it is labeled, who provides it or who governs it, EMS will continue to make a dramatic impact on us. Pain, suffering and disability will continue to be lessened from the streets of the largest US cities to the most remote, rural farms. This book holds historical facts, stories, pictures and illustrations of the path to EMS as it is known today.

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About the Author: David Elliott began his exposure to EMS as the child of a Chapel Hill Fireman. He became a Junior Member of the Williamston (NC) Rescue Squad at the age of 14 and at age 18 became a volunteer EMT with the Orange County Rescue Squad and a volunteer fireman and EMT with the Parkwood Fire Department in Durham, NC. He has advanced to EMT-Intermediate, Paramedic, and Fire Driver with Parkwood and Lebanon Fire Departments in Durham, NC and Murrell’s Inlet-Garden City Fire in South Carolina.

Throughout his career, David has been a volunteer Lieutenant with the Parkwood Fire Department and advanced through the ranks to Chief of the Orange County Rescue Squad in NC while simultaneously serving as the paid Assistant Chief of the neighboring South Orange Rescue Squad.

He’s also worked with private ambulance companies, hospital-based and county government-based EMS agencies. He was voted Officer of the Year of the Orange County Rescue Squad in 1997 and achieved the President of the United States’ Call to Service Award in 2005 for his volunteer service to the community.

David is currently a Firefighter / Paramedic with Horry County Fire-Rescue.

6" x 9" softcover
105 pages, B&W photos
ISBN: 978-0-615-23148-8