Inventing the American Fire Engine

M.W.Goodman, M.D.

The definitive work on American fire engines, this book, with its 384 pictures, drawings and illustrations spanning three centuries, answers all the questions you ever had about fire engines, as well as answering hundreds of questions you didn't know to ask.

More than 200 inventors are profiled to show their contributions to the evolution of the fire engine all the way from primitive hand tubs to today's awesome, sophisticated, state of the art apparatus.

This superbly researched book tells it all and leaves nothing out - not even obscure fire engines you never heard of!

From A to Z you will follow the inventors as they continuously improve America's fire engines.

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SpecificationsFire Buff House, 1994
9 1/2" x 12" hardcover
200 pages, 384 B&W photos & illustrations
ISBN 978-0-925165-16-9