Last American Heroes

Charles W Sasser, Michael W Sasser

They operate in a world of screaming sirens and desperate cries for help...of blinding noxious smoke, torturous heat and buildings that can implode at any moment. Theirs is the most dangerous job in America, an awe-inspiring campaign of bravery and risk. And in an age of dwindling true-life heroes, firefighters stand guard selflessly in the service of human life.

Last American Heroes takes us to the front lines of the urban fire zone to experience first hand one harrowing month in the lives of the men and women of a Miami Beach firefighting unit.

Witness the destructive force that suddenly transforms a store front deli into a blazing trap of gas and flames. Live the terror of an inside rescue, as a hotel spits flaming debris and shudders just moments before it collapses. Follow the fire detectives as they walk the charred and twisted trail of a serial arsonist.

Share in the panic and the pride, the raw strength and courage, the camaraderie and grief of today's true American heroes.

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SpecificationsPocket Books, 2014
6" x 9" softcover
271 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4767-8448-9