Looking Back: A Police Story

David Cole

In 2008 after 30 years of service, the author retired as a Detective Lieutenant from the Suffolk County Police Department in Long Island, NY. During his career, he was the commanding officer of both training and investigative commands. He is a graduate of the 194th Session of the FBI National Academy and holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

In 2009 he started work as a military contractor and deployed with the 4th Infantry Division to Basra Iraq and then in 2011 he deployed to a Combat Outpost in Eastern Afghanistan where he was wounded in a mortar attack. In 2015, the author was awarded the Defense of Freedom Medal.

Looking Back tells the story of Law Enforcement Professionals (LEPs) who are embedded in the US Military Forces and who are assisting with the War on Terrorism.

Since the attacks of 9-11 the military has had to adjust to not only fighting this war on the battlefields but also in the court rooms. Individuals, who are identified as terrorists or who are captured on the battlefields are eventually prosecuted in civilian and military courts. Evidence is required to effectively prosecute these individuals. The role of the LEPs is to assist the military with obtaining and documenting this evidence.

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SpecificationsDavid Cole
6 x 9 hardcover
354 pages
ISBN: 978-1-48356-192-9