Maids of the Mist

Dave Cox, Walt Jaeger, LA Fire Dept Historical Society

Covering the fireboats and fire protection history of the Los Angeles harbor, Maids of the Mist is the fourth publication by Dave Cox and Walt Jaeger for the Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society. It documents in photo and text the rise of the harbor complex from its beginnings as a shallow marsh to one of the worlds largest ports.

This beautiful, coffee-table style book features over 140 black and white photos and 190 color photos that take the reader through 150 years of history; the fires, fireboats, fire apparatus and multi-use, rapid harbor expansion.

It covers everything from the early attempts at fire fighting by local volunteers through the annexation by Los Angeles of all the small communities.

Follow the steady improvements of fire protection through the progression of bigger and more powerful fireboats and fire fighting innovations. Not to mention the fires, with many photos and descriptions of the disasters that occurred over the years, such as the Markay and Sansinena explosions, all the wooden dock fires, and the petroleum fires, and the boat and commercial building fires.

Also included are biographies of the fire personnel that made big advances in the fire protection of the harbor such as: Chief Ralph J. Scott, Chief John C. Baly, Chief Archie J. Eley, Capt. Warner L. Lawrence, and Chief Bethel F. Gifford.

This must have book features all the Los Angeles Fire Department fireboats, from the first simple attempts to the most modern and powerful boats of today, which are known by some as the Maids of the Mist.

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SpecificationsMT Publishing, 2014
9" x 12" hardcover
192 pages, B&W and color photos
ISBN: 978-1-9387-3040-5

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