Mental Aspects of Performance, 2/e

Dennis Compton and Gary Mack

Firefighters and fire officers have very stressful roles.

Whether career or volunteer, critical situations demanding physical exertion, uncertainty and compressed time frames for action put extraordinary pressure on the minds and bodies of firefighters and fire officers.

Mental training is a key component of progressive training and safety programs.

This book provides the best road map available to implement a structured curriculum dedicated to minimizing mental letdowns and maximizing performance. It has been developed in a format that is easily adaptable as a self-study program or can be used by students and instructors as a workshop curriculum.

The M.A.P. consists of a set of learned behaviors and mental skills that improve performance under stressful conditions. Mental Aspects of Performance for Firefighters and Fire Officers is a mental fitness program designed to help you develop emotional muscle and mental toughness so that you can excel throughout your fire service career. It is an inexpensive and powerful performance improvement concept that can be integrated into any training curriculum and program.

The M.A.P. will help people get along better with others, teach a class, give a speech, handle disciplinary matters, and improve performance in emergency situations of all kinds.

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CHAPTERS: * Dedication/Preface * Introduction to The M.A.P.: Control Keys - Success Cís - Master Skills * Growth - Challenged - Goal-Setting * Attention - Concentration - Centering * Motivation - Commitment - Mental Discipline * Energy - Composed - Dynamic Relaxation * Thought - Constructive - Self-Instruction Training * Image - Confident - Sensory-Enhancement Education * Performance - Conditioned - Situation-Evaluation Training * Self - Controlled - Positive-Affirmation Training * Some Final Thoughts * About the Authors
SpecificationsFire Protection Publications, 2004
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
143 pages
ISBN: 0-87939-233-9