Mastering the Fire Service Assessment Center

Mastering the Fire Service Assessment Center, 2/e


Anthony Kastros

Thousands of firefighters have reached their career goals using this curriculum to score on the top of their promotional lists and become outstanding officers!

Why Read This Book? This book will help you regardless of the fire officer rank you seek. You will learn where you need to improve, how to develop a specific personal plan to become an excellent officer, and how to do well with whatever assessment center exercises you face. You will find pages of mock exercises and score sheets, including:

  • More than 20 emergency simulations spanning residential, multi-family, commercial and wildland fires; hazardous materials incidents, multi-casualty incidents and more.
  • 19 counseling exercises including interactive and video-based role plays.
  • Oral presentations including teaching demonstrations, visual resumes and crew interaction.
  • Supervisory exercises, in-baskets, modified in-baskets and leaderless groups.
  • Essays, written incident reports, promotional interviews and qualifications review questionnaires.

In Addition, You Will Learn:

  • How to eliminate barriers and baggage from past tests.
  • The secret to making the mental paradigm shift from candidate to officer.
  • Exercise tools, key points and common pitfalls that plague candidates and officers alike.

New material in this second edition includes:

  • Enjoy reading “Wisdom from the Masters” from 18 fire service luminaries. They provide invaluable insights and challenges you will face as you prepare to promote, whether for the first time as a company officer or up the chain as a chief officer.
  • Learn lessons from the collective experience of thousands of students from the past 12 years whose feedback has been distilled down into key points to benefit you in this second edition.
  • Benefit from the many new elements in this book, including relevant articles, new exercises, and more extensive content regarding the dimensions of leadership, management, and emergency operations.
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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2018
8 1/2" x 11" hardcover
440 pages
ISBN: 9781593704223

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