Real World Search and Seizure


Matthew J. Medina

Cut through the complexities of Search & Seizure! Grab the Evidence You Need During Street Encounters . . . and Make It Stick!

Written by Assistant State's Attorney, Matthew J. Medina, this thorough,easy to understand guide sheds case-saving light on the principles of search and seizure law, from Terry Stops and pat downs to the nuances of 3rd party consent and issues surrounding the use of various information sources during warrant requests.

Inside you'll get expert guidance on pivotal topics including:

  • The "Exclusionary Rule"
  • The "Fellow Officer" Rule
  • Common Law Right to Inquire
  • Vehicle Search Issues
  • Stop & Frisk
  • Search Incident to Arrest

Crucial Questions Answered:

  • Can you open a car door during a traffic stop?
  • Can you legally run a drug-sniffing dog around the outside of a vehicle that is stopped for speeding?
  • How useful is an anonymous tip?
  • What are the limitations on consent searches?

Search No Further! Seize this opportunity to arm yourself with legal support for your evidence-gathering efforts!

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SpecificationsLooseleaf Publishing, 2011
6" x 9" softcover
120 pages
ISBN: 978-1-932777-31-4