Responding to Electrical Emergencies, 3rd edition


Michael Callan

There is an absence of sound, safe operating procedures utilized when responding to, and operating in an electrical crisis. Responding to Electrical Emergencies bridges this gap by incorporating NIOSH study recommendations into a multi-level training system focusing on safe effective response tactics.

Responding to Electrical Emergencies is designed to help responders understand electricity and how to effectively respond to electrical emergencies safely by accomplishing three specific goals:

  • To increase their overall knowledge of electricity, its properties, potential hazards, and safety at the scene of an electrical emergency
  • To help emergency responders develop safety procedures and industry-recommended practices
  • To develop the critical keys to safety—a positive attitude and a strong, healthy respect for the hazards of electricity.

 Includes Augmented Reality, which affords the reader the ability to visually experience multi-media assets from a printed page by using smartphone and tablet devices.

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Chapters: 1. Overview, Scope, and Introduction 2. Electricity 101: Electricity and Electrical Hazards 3. Electricity: Getting It From Point A to Point B—Generation, Transmission, and Distribution 4. Street Smart Response to Electrical Emergencies 5. Electrical Safety Checklist 6. Glossary
SpecificationsRed Hat Publishing, 2016
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
110 pages
ISBN: 9781932235142

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