Returning To Quarters: History of Boston Firehouses

Richard Connelly

On land or in the water, from horses to steam to gasoline to diesel, you'll find the firehouses that they all called home in "Returning to Quarters".

Every firehouse in the city. Every district in the city. Every neighborhood and when they became part of the city. Just about every fact you could ever want to know. Some are gone, some still here, and some have gone on to another life.

Fifty-six engine companies, thirty-four ladder companies, three rescue companies, five engine squads, fifteen district chiefs, three deputy chiefs, various fireboats and numerous other specialized companies over the years. They are all accounted for in this book.

You'll know when they were in service, when their service may have ended, and the neighborhoods that were their homes.

With over 185 photos this book is a veritable bible on the subject of Boston Fire Department history.

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6" x 9" softcover
248 pages, black & white photos
ISBN: 978-1-4251-8068-3