Rope Rescue for Firefighting

Ken Brennan

The ever-increasing demand for fire service personnel to perform operations on buildings, towers, bridges, below grade in confined spaces, in swift water, on rugged terrain, on ice and for personnel rescue has dramatically increased the need for training personnel in these various techniques.

Every rescue team sets out with the same purpose in mind-to save a life. It's how they accomplish that feat that perhaps best distinguishes the individual approaches. To be safe, efficient, and successful are the governing parameters that apply to us all.

A wide variety of situations may require fire and rescue services to perform a rope rescue. Operations on tall buildings, towers, or bridges; below grade; in confined spaces, swift water, rugged terrain, and on ice all require the systematic use of lifesaving rope techniques. The ever-increasing demand for such services increases the possibility that firefighters may be injured while performing them. The best way to manage these increased risks is to train firefighters properly in rope rescue operations and to follow good safety practices.

This book will help you identify the various approaches necessary to enhance your rescue operations and meet the ever-growing needs of your community.

Numerous illustrations enhance the learning process by showing various knots and systems mentioned in the book.

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 1998
7" x 10" softcover
289 pages, hundreds of B&W photos & illustrations
ISBN: 9780912212616

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