Rural Firefighting Handbook 2nd edition

Domenic Colletti

This is the definitive book about rural firefighting.

It is intended to help rural fire departments examine the fire service of today and see how the department fits into it. It helps determine what is needed to meet the fire protection needs of your community.

The numerous SOPs in the Appendix are tools which the department can use to survey its service area, determine needs, and evaluate the ability to meet those needs.

This text has been expanded with several new chapters on pumps, pump priming and drafting.

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Chapters: 1. Getting Started 2. An American Extravagance 3. The Fire Problem 4. Organizational Design 5. Time and Fire Control 6. Response Time and FIre Deaths 7. Combustion and Water Supply 8. The Life Cycle of Fire 9. Rate-of-Flow Formulas 10. Class A Foam and CAFS Briefing 11. The Fire Attack System 12. Fire Pumps 13. Priming Midship Pumps 14. Maximizing Flow: Midship Pumps 15. Front Suctions 16. Rural Water Supplies 17. Maximizing the Water Transport System 18. Putting it All Together a. Appendix

SpecificationsDomenic Colletti, 2012 8 1/2" x 11" softcover
270 pages, color photos and charts
ISBN: 0-9663468-3-1