Fire and Emergency Services Safety Officer 2/e

IFSTA’s Fire and Emergency Services Safety Officer, 2nd Edition meets the job performance requirements of NFPA® 1521, Standard for Fire Department Safety Officer Qualifications (2015). The new standard has been updated to include job performance requirements.

The 2nd edition provides the reader with everything he or she needs to meet those requirements for both health safety officers (HSOs) and incident safety officers (ISOs).

The manual is divided according to discipline: Chapters 1-12 are for HSOs, Chapters 13-16 for ISOs. Chapters 2-16 all include learning activities designed to guide the reader through a practice exercise covering that chapter’s content. Each chapter also opens with a case history that illustrates a real world example of that chapter’s information in application. Finally, most chapters include end notes that guide the reader toward research that was used to develop portions of each chapter.

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Section A Health Safety Officer (HSO) 1. Health Safety Officer Responsibilities 2. Safety and Health Laws, Codes, Regulations, and Standards 3. Record Keeping and Data Analysis 4. Standard Operating Procedures 5. Organizational Risk Management 6. Operational Risk Management 7. Safety and Health Programs 8. Training Functions 9. Root Cause Analysis: Accident Investigation and Postincident Analysis 10. Facilities Inspection 11. Apparatus, Equipment, and Protective Clothing 12. Reports and Recommendations

Section B Incident Safety officer (ISO) 13. Risk Management Principles 14. Incident Hazard Identification 15. Incident Responsibilities 16. Accident Investigation and Postincident Analysis

SpecificationsIFSTA, 2015
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
716 pages
ISBN: 978-0-87939-590-2

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