Simple Advice


James O. Page

Simple Advice is a compilation of 45 short yet profound essays on the fire service written by James O. Page in his effort to inform, educate, and entertain with a simple formula—plain truth and common sense. 


  • Foreword by A.J. Heightman
  • Preface
  • One man's career
  • Extraordinary people
  • Fire service culture
  • California firestorms
  • When things go wrong
  • The ride of my life
  • Fire chiefs
  • Getting things done through people
  • Ink fights
  • Keep the lawyers out of this
  • Bureaucratic foibles
  • Movies and television
  • Epilogue
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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2017 (Reprint)
6" x 9" softcover
164 pages
ISBN: 9781593704018

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