Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam

Paul S. Lepore

Firefighters must be able to communicate well verbally and in writing, have strong problem solving skills based on principles of physics and math, and handle stressful situations appropriately. Most fire departments give a written examination as the first part of their testing process. Since there are usually an enormous number of candidates who apply for the position, a difficult written examination is an effective way to narrow the field.

There is no excuse for a firefighter candidate to fail a written exam. Candidates who are committed to their goal will plan and prepare for the written exam to improve their chances of success. While there are other self-help books geared toward helping candidates prepare for the fire department written examination, this book is unique.

Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam goes beyond providing sample questions and answers. It teaches the reader the basic rules and principles behind the questions; in other words, how to solve each complex problem. The reasoning behind the questions is presented in clear, easily understandable language for readers who are new to the topics, or simply require a review.

The reader will become proficient in:

  • Psychological questions
  • Mathematics Word problems, geometry, adding, subtraction, multiplication
  • Mechanical aptitude Gears, levers, pulleys and inclined planes
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Language
  • Grammar
  • Perceptual ability
  • Spatial relations
  • Matching parts and figures
  • Map reading
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SpecificationsFreespool Publications, 2007
7" X 9" softcover
330 pages, B&W photos
ISBN: 978-0-9729934-8-7

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