Swiftwater Rescue

Slim Ray

Revised & Expanded

Firefighters, park rangers, search and rescue squad members, EMS administrators, and anyone whose public safety duties include river, flood or swiftwater rescues will find this densely illustrated, fact-filled book to be of tremendous value.

Written by Slim Ray, one of the most respected names in kayaking and river rescue, it is written to save lives - yours and your teammates as well as those of the people you rescue.

Swiftwater rescue is one of the most dangerous types of technical rescue - this book shows you how to stay alive and succeed.


  • Swiftwater hydrology
  • What special equipment you need for swiftwater rescue, including individual and team gear and personal protective equipment
  • Rigging for river rescue, including basics like haul systems and anchors as well as advanced techniques like high lines and tethered boat lowers
  • Shore-based rescues
  • Boat-based and in-water rescues
  • How to use helicopters for swiftwater rescues, including employment considerations, short hauls, hoist operations and rescue swimmers
  • How to deal with special situations like flood channel rescues, cars in the water, and foot and body entrapments
  • Swiftwater incident command
  • Medical considerations for river and flood rescue
  • much, much more!
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SpecificationsCFS Press, 2013
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
246 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9882435-0-7

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