Tales of the Alaska State Troopers

Peter B. Mathiesen With the elements against them, the state troopers of Alaska face every day with a fight for their lives.

In the state of Alaska, anything goes. For the state troopers, an average day can include blizzard conditions, midnight sunsets, and subzero temperatures. Tales of the Alaska State Troopers gives insight to just how the brave men of the law combat these conditions while still upholding their duties to the fine people of Alaska.

Follow Trooper Dan Valentine as he finds himself in the midst of a crisis when an abandoned truck holds more than just an old blanket on the passenger seat. Danís responsibility for the town of Trapper Creek becomes a fight for survival when he realizes the truck has enough explosives in it to make a small dent in the Alaska Range.

Troopers such as John Adams and Terrance Shanigan also have more to worry about than frostbite. Their stories include rescuing an Eskimo who has fall through the ice on his snow mobile, locating missing teenagers after a terrifying bear attack, and occasionally scraping dead, frozen, thousand-pound moose off major highway roads.

Tales of the Alaska State Troopers is rich in content and action. Anyone familiar with the life of a lawman or the state of Alaska will be fascinated with the way Mathiesen delivers his narrative. Itís all in a dayís work for troopers like Dan Valentine, who never know what a new day can bring. , , hardcover

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SpecificationsSkyhorse Publishing, 2015
6" x 9" hardcover
176 pages
ISBN: 978-1626360686