Those Magnificent Old Steam Fire Engines

Fred Conway

Invented out of desperation in the early 1850's when volunteer firemen with hand operated engines could not or would not control fires, steam fire engines soon revolutionized firefighting throughout the world.

This book recounts the determined efforts of the inventors, who worked in secrecy after receiving death threats from volunteer firemen who feared that they and their hand engines would be replaced.

This book contains fascinating stories of steamers in action fighting fires. The operation of the steam fire engine is explained in easy-to-understand terms.

Over 4,600 steamers are listed by manufacturer, year, size, serial number, and the cities they protected. Also listed are the survivors, with their locations.

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SpecificationsFire Buff House, 1996
8 1/2" x 11" hardcover
220 pages, 250+ photos and drawings
ISBN: 978-0925165190