Tin Helmets, Iron Men

Bob Bartosz

Bob Bartosz is without question one of the best fire photographers! He is a member of an elite club, along with the Alex Donchin, Tom Wanstall and Bill Noonan.

Bob's first book, Black and White and Red All Over, long out-of-print, is a highly-sought collectible.

Tin Helmets, Iron Men is based on the Philadelphia Fire Department during the 1950's through the 1970's. It features fire photos from a bygone era, when firefighters donned Cairns Aluminum Senator Helmets, also known as "Tin Helmets." These images include some of Philadelphia's biggest fires as well as some human interest stories.

The book graphically captures an era in the Philadelphia Fire Department history that was both exciting and challenging for the firefighters and relives the drama and excitement experienced by firefighters who responded to Philadelphia's biggest fires.

This book is an absolute must for any serious fire book collector!

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About the Author: Bob Bartosz has been taking fire photographs for over 58 years. Bob took his first Camden City NJ fire photo at the age of ten and can still be seen taking photos at Camden NJ fires. Bob was appointed Camden County Fire Photographer in 1954 by the Camden County Fire Chiefs Association. He is also the Camden City Fire Photographer and an Honorary Deputy Chief.

His photos and stories have appeared in many fire journals and he has won over one hundred local and international awards for his fire photographs. Bob is the author of Black and White and Red All Over, a book much sort after by fire historians. Bob and his wife Pat still live in South Jersey.

SpecificationsBob Bartosz, 2002
8 1/2" x 11" hardcover
216 pages, hundreds of B&W photos
ISBN: 1-891395-68-8

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