Trench Rescue Technician Manual

CMC Rescue, Inc.

One of the most challenging and complex technical rescue disciplines, trench rescue requires specialized knowledge, skills and abilities to operate safely and efficiently in and around collapsed trenches and excavations. This manual helps to prepare today's fire and rescue service to perform well-organized and systematic emergency trench and excavation rescues.

Included are OSHA regulations, soil basics, trench configurations and collapse patterns, trench hazards, on-scene considerations, operational safety, protective systems using timber and mechanical shoring, victim considerations and incident termination.

The Trench Rescue Technician Manual by CMC Rescue was developed in collaboration with the California Office of Emergency Service and Office of the California State Fire Marshal for the California State Fire Training System. Printed in the USA on FSC paper from responsible sources.

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Contents: Part I - Trench Rescue Background - Introduction to Technical Trench Rescue - Chapter 1: OSHA Trench Regulations Part II - Soil and Trench Considerations - Chapter 2: Unerstanding Soil - Chapter 3: Trench Configurations - Chapter 4: Trench Hazards Part III - Emergency Response - Chapter 5: Rescue Team Preparation - Chapter 6: Incident Response - Chapter 7: Initial On-Scene Operations - Chapter 8: Pre-Entry Operations Part IV - Protective Systems - Chapter 9: Protective Systems - Chapter 10: Shoring Systems and Components - Chapter 11: Installation of Trench Shoring Systems Part V - Rescue, Recovery and Termination - Chapter 12: Victim Rescue and Recovery - Chapter 13: Incident Termination Appendix, Glossary, Index
SpecificationsCMC Rescue, 2014
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
234 pages, color photos
ISBN: 978-0-9845875-1-3