Understanding the Arsonist

Dian L. Williams

This revised and expanded second edition provides the latest qualified research into arsonist behavior. New and exampled chapters tackle topics such as female firestarters, revenge firestarters, and thrillseeker firestarters.

Dr. Dian Williams, owner and founder of the Center for Arson Research, offers a look at the reasons individuals set fires and the research that influenced it. The Federal Government recognizes her as one of only six arson research fellows in the United States.

This text is the only complete collection of her extensive research into firesetting, gathered through interviews with actual or suspected firesetters, analysis of the data, and clinical interpretation of the findings.

You'll learn about six specific psychological profiles of firesetters, their motivation for setting fires, and the types of fires they set.

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Topics include:

  • An Overview of Firesetting
  • Identifying an Arsonist
  • Interrogation Strategies
  • Recent research and studies
  • Arsonist motivation
  • Actual interviews with arsonists
  • Types of fires
  • The Experimental/Curiosity/Accidental Firesetter
  • The Delinquent Firesetter
  • The Thought-Disordered Firesetter
  • The Revenge Firesetter
  • Thrill Seeker Arsonists
  • The Disordered Coping Firesetter
  • The Female Firesetter
SpecificationsLawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc., 2013
6" x 9" softcover
272 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936360-14-7