Volunteer Training Drills

Volunteer Training Drills

Howard Chatterton

This book is a guide for training officers and fire departments interested in enhancing their training efforts. It is a 4-part program to help your department measure its training success.

Training is about learning new skills and certifying the ability to perform them to a given standard. Volunteer Training Drills consists of four sections that will help your department improve its training programs and challenge the members while providing opportunity for them to enhance their skills and measure their progress.

Section 1 begins with a one-year outline for training officers. Section 2 follows with a table of listings for each outline given in the book indicating whether the drill is inside or outside and the preparation time needed for it. Section 3 consists of general guidelines for the training officer on how to conduct drills in a safe but effective manner. Section 4 contains the outlines of the various drills that should be conducted. They can be customized and altered, but the basic concept will provide you with a solid place to start.

Safety of the members is essential, follow all safety precautions and conduct the drills in accordance with standards and company policies.

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 1998
7" x 10" softcover
169 pages
ISBN: 9780912212685

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