NFPA 1051 2020

NFPA 1051: Standard for Wildland Fire Fighter Personnel Professional Qualifications, 2020 edition


Wildland fire fighters face greater challenges on the job, and NFPA 1051, Standard for Wildland Firefighting Personnel Professional Qualifications details essential skills and training.

Indispensable for fire service leaders and wildland fire fighting groups, NFPA 1051 covers the special skills required -- and the hazards faced -- by today's personnel on the line in wildland fire incidents. Wildland fires in the United States and worldwide are increasing in frequency and intensity, underscoring the need for proper training and staff assessment of professional wildland firefighting personnel.

Fire service organizations throughout the U.S. and around the globe reference NFPA 1051 to ensure wildland firefighting personnel have the knowledge and skills required to conduct all levels of wildland operations.

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NFPA, 2020
8" x 11" softcover
51 pages
ISBN: 9781455924967

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