NFPA 1091 2019

NFPA 1091: Standard for Traffic Incident Management Personnel Professional Qualifications, 2019 edition


Updated JPRs in NFPA 1091 help ensure traffic incident management personnel are prepared to manage and mitigate hazards and risks on the scene.

Across the country, personnel who respond to roadway incidents are subject to an increasing amount of dangerous situations due to distracted motorists. These types of incidents constitute some of the greatest health and safety concerns for first responders. While police, fire, and other emergency personnel put their lives on the line during response operations, secondary incidents often occur due to the lack of traffic incident management.

NFPA 1091, Standard for Traffic Incident Management Personnel Professional Qualifications, helps reduce the risks to response personnel and the public through proper training.

Now in its second edition, this important standard presents:

  • Minimum job performance requirements (JPRs) for Traffic Incident Management Personnel (TIMP), to help AHJs better ensure personnel are adequately prepared to carry out the duties of the job
  • Explanatory material with additional resources for anyone who responds to roadway incidents -- including firefighters, police officers, fire police, EMS personnel, department of public works personnel, towing and recovery personnel, and transportation industry personnel

The 2019 edition of NFPA 1091 promotes safer operations with:

  • Reviewed and refreshed JPR throughout
  • Removal of the term "control" because traffic incidents are more managed versus controlled
  • A visual matrix of the JPRs in an annex that also recognizes the firefighter life safety initiatives promoted by the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation

Incident scene safety helps protect all involved. NFPA 1091 is developed with input from a Technical Committee of experts on the subject of traffic control incident management and highway safety. It's a critical resource for AHJs and anyone concerned with the health and safety of response personnel.

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SpecificationsNFPA, 2019
8" x11" softcover
19 pages
ISBN: 9781455922499