Street Smart Firefighting: The Common Sense Guide to Firefighter Safety and Survival


Finally, An Exciting New Approach To Really Improve Your Fireground Operations! Listen to what the fire service leaders have to say about Bob Bingham's book, "Street Smart Firefighting." This book is the most practical, no no-nonsense and "tell-it-like-it-is" resource you will find. It is an immensely useful guide, filled with new ideas you can use. The advice is sound, insightful, and can be used by rookie firefighters, experienced chiefs, and everybody in between. Bob tells many true stories and speaks in a down-to-earth style, and that makes for a good easy read. The book is filled with common sense and introduces new concepts. When you are finished reading this book you will be better prepared to do your job, and it could save your life! --- This is what fire service leaders are saying about this new book: "This isn't just big city stuff, there is a wealth of information for the small town volunteer. This book is a must read for all firefighters." --- William (Sonny) Mullikin, Woodstock Volunteer Fire Department.--- "A tremendous book, that uses a logical and fresh approach to ensure that all our members return to the station every time." --- Dennis L. Rubin, Fire Chief, Atlanta, Georgia.--- Key features to help your operation: * How to reduce fireground injuries. * Recognizing dangerous situations. * How to avoid being lost or trapped. * Operating under-staffed firegrounds. * Basement fires the smart way. * Really fast ventilation. * Quickly developing a fireground plan. * Avoiding kamikaze roof work. * Developing street smart SOPs. * New attic fire methods. * Improving weak truck operations.--- About the Author: Chief Robert C. Bingham, a 31-year veteran of the fire service, served as a deputy chief in the District of Columbia Fire Department, where he was a command officer for 15 years. He has also taught at the National Fire Academy.


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SpecificationsBob Bingham, 2005
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
303 pages
ISBN: 9781496049551