Professional Security Officer

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There are approximately one million security guards employed in the United States. Many are undertrained and unregulated. Training requirements vary by state, but currently there are no industry-wide standards for security operations and certification programs for security professionals.

Professional Security Officer is a DVD-based training series for those seeking credentialing as a security officer. The training may be provided prior to initial posting, or may be part of an ongoing training program. This program has a wide application for contract and staff security officers, both armed and unarmed.

Roles & Responsibilities (Module 1): studies how professional security officers support a secure facility in a professional, friendly, and welcoming manner and portrays many of the common problems Security Officers will be expected to address:

  • Responding to an accident or incident
  • Gaining trust and respect from the people they protect
  • Maintaining a "Command Presence" during stressful events
  • Ethical behavior as a key to professionalism
  • Cultural diversity
  • Working with the elderly and physically impaired
  • Handling crisis situations such as workplace violence and disorderly conduct
  • Working with emergency responders
  • Testifying in court
  • Using company-issued equipment

This module includes a 29-minute DVD and separate Instructor's CD-Rom that is intended to help structure a training session.

Patrolling & Observation (Module 2): Patrolling accomplishes many things. It can proactively deter criminal behavior, respond to emergencies, detect unauthorized activities, ensure compliance with organizational policies, and intervene in circumstances that could cause a loss. This program trains security officers to hone their patrolling and observation skills, and to use all their senses so they can accurately remember and report on what they have observed. This program covers:

  • Understanding the rules and regulations of the organization
  • Types of patrols and how to perform them effectively: Security, preventive, foot patrol, fire watch, mobile patrol, traffic duty
  • Post orders
  • Fixed post activities
  • Access control systems
  • Factors that affect visibility
  • Honing the senses for observation
  • Loss control
  • Security systems
  • Radio communications

This module includes a 33 minute DVD plus a separate Instructor's CD-Rom to help structure a training seminar.

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SpecificationsEmergency Film Group, 2012
62 minutes, fully narrated