Pride & Ownership Audio Book

Rick Lasky

Rick Lasky's best-selling book is now available on audio CD! Use your CD-player or upload the audio CD onto your MP3 player and take the audiobook anywhere you choose!

Pride and Ownership holds no punches. Chief Rick Lasky takes a hard look at the fire service and finds it short on the only element that makes it effective: passion. Chief Lasky gives an upfront and honest criticism about the need to reignite the love of the job on every level, from chiefs and on down.

Do you have what it takes? Not everyone is cut out for the fire service. It takes only the best to serve the public when people need help most. Pride and Ownership calls for men and women with honor and integrity to measure up to the task.

There’s nothing else in the world like being a firefighter Every day Chief Lasky remembers why his job is the best in the world and he brings that passion to Pride and Ownership. Lasky revisits the proud history and tradition of the fire service and reflects on the family values and brotherhood that have made firefighting a truly family-oriented vocation.

Special Features:

  • History and traditions of the fire service with overviews of some of the most important fire service leaders
  • Detailed explanation of ceremonies for all occasions from a firefighter’s initiation to retirement

This audio book is narrated by Chief Lasky and perfect for uploading to your MP3 player.

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2008
Approx 4.5 hrs
1 MP3 Format CD
ISBN: 978-1-59370-152-9

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