Analyzing the Incident

Whether you are trained to the operations, technician or command level, the first task of every first responder to a hazmat or WMD emergency is the same. It's size up - or what the NFPA standard on hazmat competencies calls Analyzing the Incident.

A systematic risk-based response begins with an analysis of the problem - assessing the hazards, evaluating the potential consequences and then choosing the best response actions.

Analyzing the Incident DVD is the second program in the Hazmat Legend Series. It is designed to provide training and information to all personnel who seek or wish to improve their competencies as hazmat responders. This program is ideal whether you have new recruits to train or want to provide a stimulating refresher for your team.

In this program, the legends discuss the critical process hazmat responders of all levels should take when sizing up a hazardous materials incident.

Topics covered include:

  • Situational awareness
  • Identification of hazmat containers
  • Identifying railroad cars
  • Identifying unknown materials
  • Predicting behavior of containers and materials
  • Estimating the potential harm
  • Identifying the surrounding conditions
  • Criminal and terrorist incidents
  • Estimating the size of the endangered area

Included in the package is a Resource CD-ROM with PowerPoint, testing materials, a risk management case study and additional resources that will help instructors with seminar presentations.

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SpecificationsEmergency Film Group, 2014
32 minutes, fully narrated

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