The Art of Reading Buildings: Introduction & Practice Sessions

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John Mittendorf, David W. Dodson

The Art of Reading Buildings: Introduction and Practice Sessions DVD focuses on the practical art of reading a building and applying its positive and negative attributes in developing a size-up for fireground operations that center on structure fires.

Chief Mittendorf and Chief Dodson take the viewer through the process of sizing up a building according to its type, era, use, and size so they can then classify and better understand the strengths and weaknesses of a building.

This DVD:

  • Features six scenarios highlighting a variety of building types to instill the authors’ custom Rapid Street-Read Guides.
  • Discusses issues related to specific size-up considerations.
  • Will help the viewer understand the technical and practical aspects of building construction.
  • Can be used as support material for the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Services in Higher Education (FESHE) Building Construction for Fire Protection course.

This product may be used as a stand-alone lesson in building construction, or in conjunction with the Art of Reading Buildings book.

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2016
108 minutes, fully narrated
ISBN: 978-1-59370-368-4

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