All About Big Red Fire Engines

It's four alarm fun learning about engines, ladders and much more as you find out what its like to be on that big red truck, rushing out to fight a fire on an exciting, fun filled video trip with real firefighters.

Watch in awe as they use a tower ladder and bucket to battle a blaze, find out how to work the truck's controls, hook a hydrant up to a pumper, and even spend some time with the firehouse mascot, Spot!

Also included is All About Construction. Hop in the driver's seat and take a magic ride with Hard Hat HarryTM, the construction genie, as he shows you the "biggest, baddest, most awesomest construction equipment in the whole wide world": bulldozers, excavators, clam diggers, forklifts, compacters, pile drivers, trackhoe buckets, barrier movers, and an off-road dump truck that's so heavy it would crack a road in two just by driving over it!

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SpecificationsGAIAM International, 2007
86 minutes, fully narrated
ISBN: 0-7662-2034-6