All About The Police

Freeze! You'll want to see all the amazing things police officers ride in and on to keep you safe. From the frogmen of the Harbor Patrol to the horse riders of the Mounted Patrol, cops are using some of the coolest ways to get around.

You'll get inside a real police car, hit the sirens on a police motorcycle and use the infared, heat-sensing camera in the police helicopter. You'll also see awesome police gear up close, including handcuffs, radar gun, police radio and video surveillance cameras.

And you'll love the tough, brave and ferociously furry K9 police dogs!

Also included is All About Search & Rescue.

Be a hero with the search and rescue team! Find lost teenagers with the Mountain Search 7 rescue helicopter. Rescue boaters and swimmers from danger in a Coast Guard patrol boat. Save skiers from an avalanche using snow axes and smart rescue dogs. Use the Jaws of Life to tear open a car.

See all the amazing equipment paramedics use in the mobile and helicopter ambulances. Then ride in an Emergency Response Vehicle with the American Red Cross to deliver food, water, blankets, medicine and supplies to disaster areas.

Learn what it's like to be part of this heroic team and see all the extraordinary things they do every day.

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SpecificationsGAIAM International, 2007
60 minutes, fully narrated
ISBN: 978-7662-3149-8

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