California Firestorm 2006 vol. 2

This video opens with the Esperanza fire in Riverside County which resulted in the deaths of five San Bernardino National Forest fire fighters. Coverage of that incident is not included. Extreme fire behavior is featured with rapid spotting and crews attempting to catch them. A section also covers good aerial fixed wing shots. Also, a brief tribute to the fallen firefighters features the Memorial Service.

The Sierra fire in San Bernardino County is another wind driven fire destroying a large pallet yard. Good aerial fixed wing shots.

The Foothill fire is a smaller wind driven fire in the foothills above Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, CA. Good Helicopter operations are shown.

The last fire is the Malibu Rd. fire. Wind driven through 20 acres, the fire destroys five beachside mansions and damages three others.

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SpecificationsAlan Simmons Productions, 2007
73 minutes, no narration

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