Community Policing and Laws

Keeping communities safe is the duty of both, police officers and community residents.

Laws and policing tactics have changed a lot through the years, but the desire to keep communities safe has not. Community Policing and Laws explores key topics such as citizens helping reduce crime through community watch programs, street people and the law, maintaining order at a protest, and keeping rural communities safe.

It is an informative look at how effective police training and community awareness reduce crime and how police are restrained by the law in dealing with certain types of problems.

Includes 5 Films:

  • Communities and Environmental Laws (2004)
  • Community Policing (1998)
  • Use of Force (1993)
  • Neighborhood Safety (1985)
  • The Street People (1986)
on 2 DVDs, DC8520 / $17.99
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SpecificationsQuality Information Publishers, 2012
2 DVDs
115 Minutes, narrated