Cop World

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A rare look inside the world of international law enforcement, Cop World goes on the beat with policemen from Miami to Moscow. They work in Rio, South Africa, Miami and Moscow. They share a common mission--to enforce the law and keep the peace. Cop World reveals how different--and alike--their jobs are.

Investigative Reports goes onto the streets and under the gun in some of the most dangerous police beats in the world. Following the officers into action, the program offers a unique glimpse into the charged and often deadly world of international policing, where cultural differences and government policies create situations that would be unthinkable elsewhere.

From the out-gunned and under-manned Moscow Police force's attempts to maintain some semblance of order in the New Russia to allegations of brutality levied against Rio's officers, COP WORLD is an unvarnished and unflinching look at the tactics, technology and humanity required to keep the peace.

It's undercover sting operations and gun battles, coming face-to-face with the most ruthless criminals on earth--it's life and death on the front lines of international law enforcement.

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SpecificationsA&E, 1999
100 minutes, closed-captioned, fully narrated