DCFD Capital Blazes vol. 12

Watch DCFD in action. 10 scenes that include 2006 and 2007 footage. Videography by Vito Maggiolo.


  • Scene 1: 9/16/06 - Working Fire Dispatch, #45 New York Avenue N.W. Fire in walls of two story dwelling under renovation.
  • Scene 2: 9/16/06 - Local Alarm, 9th and E Streets N.W. Fire in an occupied tour trolley.
  • Scene 3: 10/03/06 - 2nd Alarm, 2255 15th Street N.E. Fire in a former public housing apartment building converted into a row of three story townhomes. Heavy fire top floors and cockloft.
  • Scene 4: 10/10/06 - Working Fire Dispatch, 1900 block Montana Avenue N.E. Heavy fire in a two story vacant warehouse
  • Scene 5:10/18/06 - 2nd Alarm, #22 P Street N.E. Fully involved two story vacant row dwelling.
  • Scene 6:10/22/06 - Working Fire Dispatch, 1342 Levis Street N.E. Basement fire in a two story vacant row dwelling.
  • Scene 7:10/30/06 - Working Fire Dispatch, 1243 Sumner Road S.E. Fire in walls of a two story detached, occupied frame dwelling.
  • Scene 8: 01/22/07 - 2nd Alarm, 212 W Street N.W. Fire in 2nd and 3rd floors and thru the roof of a three story vacant apartment building.
  • Scene 9: 02/01/07 - Working Fire Dispatch, 1070 44th Street N.E. Heavy fire in a large garage extended into a one story occupied dwelling.
  • Scene 10: Working Fire Dispatch, 1414 V Street N.W. Fire in the ground level apartment in a four story occupied apartment building.
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SpecificationsAdvanced Video, 2001
60 minutes, narration

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