Fire Fighter I Knots

Using digital video and step-by-step demonstrations, this DVD will show you how to tie the eight basic fire fighter knots required by the NFPA skill sheets. It will show how to tie the knots from different angles, on different objects and tools, and how to adjust for mistakes. It also discusses shortcuts veteran firefighters use to tie knots easier and faster.

The DVD is divided into two sections. In the first section we cover the parts of the rope and knot. We then show you how to tie each of the eight NFPA-required knots, complete with close-up shots of each knot being tied, not from the instructor’s perspective, but rather from your perspective. It is much easier to learn when you are presented instruction in the same perspective that you will be tying the knots.

The second part of the DVD shows you the practical side of tying these firefighter knots. We will show you the proper knots and techniques in order to raise a flat-head ax, pick-head ax, pike pole, charged and uncharged hoseline, and finally a ladder.


  • Introduction
  • Parts Of The Rope & Knot
  • Overhand Knot
  • Half Hitch
  • Clove Hitch
  • Figure 8
  • Figure 8 Follow-Through
  • Figure 8 On A Bight
  • Bowline
  • Sheet Bend
  • Raising An Ax
  • Raising A Pike Pole
  • Uncharged Hoseline
  • Charged Hoseline
  • Raising A Ladder
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SpecificationsKnightlite, 2008
fully narrated