Fire From The Archives, Vol. 3

Fire Line Video was able to obtain hours of archive news footage from a now out of business news company. Broadcast News Service was a large freelance news gathering agency that covered all breaking news stories in the New York City area back in late 1970ís through the late 1980ís. Please remember that the footage is shot from a TV news broadcast point of view. All sound is natural.

Fire from the Archives Volume 3 has more footage from the good old days. 9 incidents from the tri state area of New York include:

  • a 5th alarm hi rise fire in Manhattan on June 23 1980
  • a Yonkers 3rd alarm apartment fire
  • a fully involved boat yard fire in North Bergen NJ
  • a multi alarm fire in the Starlight Ballroom, Wildwood, NJ
  • a Brooklyn, NY multi alarm pier fire
  • a 4th alarm fire in Manhattan's Spanish Harlem
  • a 3rd alarm in a Brooklyn commercial structure
  • heavy fire in a Manhattan 3 alarm hardware store fire
  • a 3rd alarm chemical plant fire in Newark, NJ on Oct. 10, 1981
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SpecificationsFire Line Video Productions, 2008
60 minutes, no narration

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