Fire Officer's Handbook Tactics v. 8: Ladder Company Operations

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John Norman

Are you prepared to make decisions that could mean the difference between life and death? The Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics Video Series will take you through all the necessary steps to help you become a great fire officer. Not only will it give you the strategy to be a better leader, it will give you the tactics to accomplish your mission.

In Video #8: Ladder Company Operations, Chief John Norman details:

  • The importance of developing a plan of action so that you may assign apparatus, manpower, and equipment
  • The proper use of ground and aerial devices
  • The importance of overhaul and salvage
  • Why we must control utilities

The Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics Video Series is based on the best-selling book and study guide by John Norman.

Contains live-action footage and 3-D graphics, with the narrative shot in high definition!

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2007
30 minutes, narrated
ISBN 978-1-59370-160-4

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