Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics v. 16: High Rise

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John Norman

Fires in high-rise office buildings are far different than any other situation the fire service has to take care of.

In Video #16: High Rise, using the vast experience of his career as a FDNY firefighter, Chief Norman guides you through the tactics and procedures that help ensure a positive outcome during a high-rise office building fire.

Chief Norman discusses the various types of office building construction, the ventilation issues in such buildings, as well as the logistical difficulties in such a large event.

The Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics Video Series is based on the best-selling book and study guide by John Norman.

Contains live-action footage and 3-D graphics, with the narrative shot in high definition!

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2007
42 minutes, narrated
ISBN 978-1-59370-223-6

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