Fire Safety, Education & Prevention Films

The Historic Stillman Fires Collection is a rare and unique look at firemen training and public education films from over 50 years ago.

A majority of the footage is silent and in black and white, but a few of the films have sound and color. For your viewing pleasure the collection has been re-mastered.

The Stillman collection is the largest collection of fires and fire management in the world. The entire Stillman collection is a must have for any true fire lover.

Volume 1:

  • Fire (1946) - Standard safety film that covers the uses of fires and the danger of fire.
  • Vision in the Forest (1957) - Famous country western singer, Vaughn Monroe, and his family go camping. During the trip his daughter has a vision of a talking bear that teaches children to be aware of the dangers of forest fires. Monroe also sings a song about loving his family.
  • Fire! Patty Learns What to Do (1951) - Peculiar fire safety film that follows a girls family farm that almost went up in flames. Contain some very interesting s scenes including a fire chief lighting a doll on fire and waving it in their faces.
  • Crimes of Carelessness - Standard fire prevention and safety film. Has some very good moments and some interesting sound effects.
  • Know the Cause - Arson is the topic of this film. Explores how a fire inspector looks for arson clues and how fires get started.

Volume 2:

  • The Story of a Forest Ranger - Yogi says, Hi Ranger Smith. (1954) - A surprisingly environmentally conscious and advanced film about forest management and forest resource use. Has footage of fire suppression and a large forest fire.
  • Your Fire Department (1949) - Beautiful color brings to life the of the Los Angeles fire department in this is documentary style film. All aspects of firefighting are covered in this film from fighting to prevention.
  • Just a Spark (1937) - Interesting film about a forest fire started by a cigarette and how Chevrolet automobiles can help firefighters. A little old fashion Chevrolet self promotion public education film.
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SpecificationsQuality Information Publishers, 2007
2 DVDs
68 Minutes

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