Fire Service Rescue DVD Series

Fire Service Rescue DVD Series

This 10-title series teaches to current NFPA 1670 standards. The programs cover rescue apparatus and equipment, rope rescue, confined space rescue, structural collapse rescue, trench/excavation rescue, vehicle and machinery rescue, elevator rescue and fireground search and rescue.

Technical advisors included NFPA 1670 committee members Don Cooper and Don English as well as Carl Goodson, a renowned specialist in the field.

DVD Titles Included:

  • Rescue Apparatus & Equipment
  • Rope Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Structural Collapse Rescue
  • Trench / Excavation Rescue
  • Vehicle & Machinery Rescue
  • Water & Ice Rescue
  • Wilderness Search & Rescue
  • Elevator Rescue
  • Fireground Search & Rescue
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