High-Rise Buildings DVD

High-Rise Buildings

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Jerry Tracy, Jack J. Murphy, James J. Murtagh

Responding to incidents in high-rise and mid-rise structures that feature large dimensions and complex floor layouts can be a daunting task. The sheer size and complexity can overwhelm even the most seasoned fire veteran.

Occupancies such as a residential, office, hotel, or a hospital building present unique vertical challenges for fire, all-hazard emergencies, and medical care incidents. The staffing and training to perform the many functions the many functions and responsibilities required for just a minor fire or emergency, let alone a major event, can overwhelm even the largest of departments. Most departments must rely on aid agreements with neighboring departments to even mount a response to many of these incidents.

This video covers the issues of Command and Control, Firefighting Units' Response, Smoke Movement and Control, Building Fire/Life Safety Plans, Fire Protection Systems, and more. This class will introduce the concept of "Know before you Go" to better understand your responsibilities and the scope of preparedness to meet today's vertical challenges.

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2018
6 hours, 31 minutes
ISBN: 9781593704148

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