Initial Attack Handlines 2/e (Bread & Buttter Series)

Jeff Shupe

A select panel of distinguished fire service educators has updated the renowned Bread and Butter fireground training video series.

Building on the vast knowledge of the first edition, the new updated DVDs expand on and illustrate many of the basic skills critical to successful fireground operations. The new DVDs with all new video and graphics were designed specifically to demonstrate how to properly accomplish these tasks and to illustrate their effect on the fireground.

In Initial Attack Lines, Chief Jeff Shupe explains how to properly estimate the length of hose needed on the fireground, stretching that hose into place, and then advancing it into and through the structure.

He covers properly estimating the stretch for various common structures and discusses how to effectively pre-plan and measure the stretch for unusual structures you may find in your response area.

Chief Shupe discusses various ways to minimize the stretch and potentially shorten the time needed to get the line into operation, and discusses how to properly advance the line through the structure once it is stretched into place to effectively get water on the fire.

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2012
26 minutes, fully narrated
ISBN: 978-1-59370-276-2

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