Inside the Criminal Mind

Dare to take a look deep inside the dark & twisted minds of America's most disturbed!

America has been plagued with unspeakable crimes and unexplained phenomena that have captured nationwide attention and intrigue, demanding answers and retribution.

This 30 episode documentary collection will strip the covers from a world of profiling, forensic science, and painful investigation to expose the mysteries and truths behind history's most intriguing criminal masterminds.


  • Disc 1 - America's Serial Killers - Portraits in Evil. Jack the Ripper, H.H. Holmes, Albert Fish, Ed Gein, Charles Manson
  • Disc 2 - America's Serial Killers - Portraits in Evil. John Wayne Gacy, Hillside Stranglers, Ted Kaczynski, The BTK Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Disc 3 - Rampage: Killing Without Reason. Rampage Killing and the Killers, Mass Murders, Spree Murderers, Hate Crimes, Workplace Killings
  • Disc 4 - Rampage: Killing Without Reason. School Massacres, Family Slaughters, Cult Killings, Bombers and Arsonists, Political Killers
  • Disc 5 - America's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries and Crimes. Marilyn Monroe, Harry Houdini, Edgar Allan Poe, John Wilkes Booth, Bugsy Siegel, The Philadelphia Experiment and dozens more!
  • Disc 6 - America's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries and Crimes. Billy the Kid, D.B. Cooper, Amelia Earhart, The Salem Witch Trials, Roswell, The JFK Conspiracy and many more!

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SpecificationsMill Creek Entertainment, 2014
6 DVDs
22 hours 48 minutes, narrated
UPC: 6-83904-89190-7