Miami Manhunt

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One man: Reynaldo Rapalo. Terrorizes a Miami neighborhood on a binge of rape and victimization in the summer of 2003 then vanishes into thin air. Six women: aged 11 to 79. Hunger for justice as Rapalo remains on the loose. Two detectives: Fernando Bosch and Elio "Chills" Tamayo. Refuse to let the case die, even after Rapalo evades a full-strength mobilization of Miami PD. Three years: Of brilliant detective work against increasingly slim odds. Five consecutive life sentences.

This feature-length chronicle of the stunning, real-life detective drama that enraptured Florida and the nation, the infamous Miami Manhunt for Reynald Rapalo.

Over the course of the case - every moment captured here with captivating intimacy thanks to unprecedented access to all the major players - Rapalo became the most notorious sex-crime offender in Miami history. After his initial spree of attacks, identity unknown, Rapalo managed to evade a massive manhunt and remain at large to attack again.

As Miami Manhunt documents, the serial rapist was finally tracked and arrested thanks to the determination of two remarkable Miami detectives, Bosch and Tamayo. Then he escaped! Unwavering in their desire to avenge his victims, Bosch and Tamayo recaptured him and finally brought Rapalo in for good. The fireworks continued once Rapolo went before the court.

In this comprehensive documentary, filmed on location as events unfolded, you will experience the intensity and significance of this hallmark case. You will know first-hand the details of the investigation; the value and source of the evidence; the tactics of the prosecutors; the personal commitment of the detectives; and the relief and satisfaction of the victims once justice is finally served.

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SpecificationsA&E, 2006
100 minutes, closed captioned
ISBN: 0-7670-9854-4