Responding to Scenes of Violence

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Steven Hamilton

Every fire department and EMS agency will likely have to contend with emergency responses that involve the threat of violence.

In Responding to Scenes of Violence, Steven Hamilton provides guidance on how to handle these potentially dangerous situations.

Looking at a variety of scenes including shootings, assaults, narcotic impairment, domestic violence as well as civil unrest, Hamilton provides essential information for the different types of agencies to educate their personnel on the dangers of violent scenes. He provides responders with the knowledge to recognize and manage threats so as to avoid becoming victims themselves.

This instructional DVD will:

  • Define a scene of violence
  • Identify different types of scenarios that could become violent
  • Highlight procedures for responding to scenes
  • Cover the legal aspects that go into the decision making process
  • Describe safety measures while en route, approaching, and working within a scene
  • Discuss multiple agency response to scenes and unified command concepts
  • Identify and discuss aspects of PPE (personal protective equipment)

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2015
30 minutes, fully narrated

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