The Shift

The Shift is a one-hour series that follows a team of homicide detectives at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Like every other big city, Indianapolis has its share of murders. Unlike many other cities, Indianapolis has an all-star squad of homicide detectives solving them and bringing justice to the victims.

We follow the members of The Shift while they are on the job: Detectives Christine Mannina, Lesia Moore, Tom Tudor, Jesse Beavers, Chuck Benner and Todd Lappin; as well as their supervisors, Deputy Chief William Benjamin, Lt. Kevin Kelly and Sgt. Jeff Breedlove. The Shift focuses on the "life and crimes" of these men and women. Every day, they are out on the street, chasing suspects, dealing with felons and putting their lives on the line to catch a criminal.

The series tracks the detectives as they work around the clock. We'll find out what it takes for them to solve a case, and how they maintain their high solve and conviction rates. Episodes include: Master of the House; Drugs and Dirty Deals; Road Rage; Dismemberment; Murder/Suicide; Serial Killer Dumpsite.

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SpecificationsDiscovery Channel, 2009
2 DVDs
344 minutes, fully narrated
ISBN: 978-0-7662-4520-5

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