Stolen Identities

It is a crime that increased more the 350% in the first six months of 1996 alone. A new breed of criminals has discovered how to exploit the information that identifies people to tap their assets and wreak havoc on their lives. Stolen identity, identity fraud, identity theft--all are new terms coined to label a crime wave that is costing millions of people more than money.

In this chilling program, Investigative Reports reveals how a stranger can assume your identity without even having access to "confidential" information like your social security number, birthdate or credit card details. And if they do get their hands on such information, it can be a "gold mine" for a thief, according to Kelli O'Neil, a California investigator who pursues these crimes.

Experts reveal how aggressive solicitation by agencies extending credit to consumers has helped create this crime wave, and how the defrauded victims are treated like criminals when they discover the fraud and try to report it and re-establish their credit.

Filled with interviews with investigators, victims and officials, this is a chilling look at the new wave in crime.

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SpecificationsA&E, 2006
50 minutes, fully narrated