Tactical Perspectives #5: Mayday

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Frank Ricci with PJ Norwood

In this Tactical Perspectives DVD series, Frank Ricci and other notable instructors look at command, search, ventilation, fire attack and mayday operations at residential fires. Utilizing real fire footage, as well as 3-D graphics, Lt. Ricci illustrates the essential fireground tasks from various standpoints, ranging from the officer to the firefighter.

Each DVD addresses safety and the critical components of a successful fireground operation.

In DVD #5, Tactical Perspectives: Mayday, Lt. Frank Ricci, along with P.J. Norwood, illustrates Mayday operations.

Using several actual Mayday calls, they show how to transmit the Mayday, underscoring the importance of the LUNAR acronym.

They discuss potential tactical failures on the fireground and the significance of Mayday training on all levels of the fire department - from probie up to the chief - in order to properly mitigate a Mayday situation.

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2011
37 minutes, narrated
ISBN: 978-1-59370-290-8

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