True Crime Vol. 3: Deadly Attractions & Crimes of Passion

Explores the lives of five criminals and tells five real stories of cold-blooded killing, corrupt romance and life on the run.

Explore three different fugitives lives on the run - wife-killer Michael McGuffey's new family life in Mexico and how he blew it all; Scott Burnside's lonely exile on a tropical paradise after a hit goes terribly wrong; and what happens to when serial killer Michael Alfonso when he comes out of his three year hiding with another murder on his mind.

All of them had one goal - to stay out of prison. Did they get away with it? Almost. Learn what tripped them up and how they were hunted down.

Two episodes uncover men hiding criminal secrets behind the veil of love - the Cuban spy using a sham marriage to mask his theft of sensitive state secrets and the dashing Australian businessman who dupes a woman into marriage, then fleeces her - and everyone else - who crosses his path.

Both men manipulated love and sex to commit crimes they knew would pay.

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SpecificationsInvestigation Discovery, 2012
172 minutes, fully narrated

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